Zooey Bash’Em Well speaks out!

As promissed, I managed to get Zooey Bash’Em Well, a proud new Deb, to talk about her Fresh meat experience. So here it is in her own words, why she came out to the flat-track revolution and how she learned her skills.

Like most Canadian girls, I was born into a hockey-loving family and learned to skate probably even before I could walk.  I played hockey for a few years, but realized the cold arenas and loads of equipment just wasn’t for me.

Years passed and I wanted to join a group where I could meet new people, get exercise and do something completely out of the ordinary.  A few friends of mine would often talk about their new “addiction” – roller derby, so I thought I would try it out!

Although I was incredibly nervous attending the first practice, several Debs and Mollys welcomed me with open, bruised arms – showing me where to get all the necessary equipment and introduced me to my new Den Mother – THE KROW.

The first few weeks of practice were amazing – the falls, the whips and the endurance testing… yep, this was the sport for me.  THE KROW and eSkimo Jo were so patient showing all the freshies proper techniques and providing unbelievable encouragement throughout practices.  If we didn’t get the sling-shot right, you know THE KROW was going to show you how its done.  And if you didn’t hit hard enough, eSkimo Jo would be the first to let you know about it!

After 3 months came the dreaded Minimum Skills Test, starting with 25 laps in 5 minutes.  I thought this was nearly impossible, until overhearing a few Debs talking about doing 30+ laps in 5 minutes (crazy!).  The Skills Test consisted of everything we learned in the previous months including taking and giving hits, falls, whips and endurance.  Although this was the most nerve-racking night I ever had at derby practice, it was also the most fun and rewarding.

I am so thrilled to be the newest addition to the Derby Debutantes and hope to make all the Debs proud 🙂