Wretched Gretchen – #1532

Wretched Gretchen – #1532

Derby Name:  Wretched Gretchen
Derby Number:  1532
Age: 34
Home Town:  I grew up in Scarborough and live in Pickering now
Occupation:  Registered Veterinary Technician
Favourite Position:  Jammer/Blocker/Pivot
Favourite Team:  the new skids, the slaughter daughters

What’s the story behind your name? 
My dogs name is Gretchen who had a knack for finding trouble when we first got her, my Mom nicknamed her Wretched Gretchen.  My number is one of my greyhounds tattoo numbers 15320.  I love my dogs

When did you join derby and why? 
July 2010.  I needed a new sport and someone mentioned a while ago they could see me playing derby, so I looked into it and loved it.

Why do you keep playing? 
Because it’s amazing.  The people you meet, and the game itself is so much fun to play.

What’s your most memorable derby moment? 
I can’t really think of just 1.

What’s your derby goal or dream? 
I would love to one day skate on a banked track.  That would be awesome.