The Beast of the East – 2011 (GTAR recap)

For the first time the GTA Rollergirls brought two teams to the Beast of the East tournament in Montreal. For some of the Derby Debutantes this was the 2nd or 3rd Beast of the East tournament, for the rest of the Debutantes, this was their first. For all but 2 of the Chrome Mollys, this is the first bout/tournament event ever… needless to say, we were all excited to get out there and play our best.

The Derby Debutantes had the pleasure of starting off the tournament by playing the first game of the Saturday against Les Duchesses de Quebec. Really, you haven’t lived until you’ve felt the rubber leg feeling you get from skating in public at 8 am. The Debutantes took a smooth victory against this fresh and feisty team from Quebec, who were playing in their first public bout. (Debutantes 124 – Duchess 4)

The next bout for GTAR was the Chrome Mollys versus MTLRD’s, Les Contrabanditas. It was the Cherry poppin’ bout for our new team of Chrome Mollys (with only two returning skaters from last year, team captains; The Krow and eSkimo jo).  Les Contrabanditas are probably the most experienced Montreal team following a recent league shuffle that took the all-star players off the home teams. The Mollys fought their heart out every moment of it, and came off the track glowing despite the goose egg on the score clock. The Derby Debutantes were all track side cheering proudly for their little sister team. (Contrabanditas 148 – Chrome Mollys 0)

The third GTAR bout of the day was the Derby Debutantes taking on La Racaille. 2011 is the first year the GTA Rollergirls have had the privilege of playing against Montreal Roller Derby. We first met this team just 2 weeks before the Beast at our Social Class Clash bout (though we have been watching them play and win at the Beast every year). From the first whistle it was evident that La Racaille had put a fire under it and they took a quick lead. The Derby Debutantes pulled together a few plays, but ultimately jammer penalty trouble prevented the Debutantes from really getting anywhere in this frustrating bout. La Racaille take it, 100 – 8.

The fourth game for our league, the Chrome Mollys vs the Gore Gore Rollergirls was the yearly meeting of a GTAR team and a ToRD team at the Beast. The Beast has of yet been the only venue for these two Toronto leagues to compete. The first 2009 match-up being a somewhat lopsided loss by the then totally rookie Derby Debutantes to the Death Track Dolls, and followed in 2010 by a respectable loss to the Gore Gores and an very exciting win over the Death Track Dolls. The big goal for this bout for the Mollys was to get on the board: and they succeeded! They scored 10 fat points, the first 10 points ever for these Mollys! (did anyone get a picture of the smile on Beaver Mansbridges’ face when she won lead jammer in the first jam?). (Gores 131 – Chrome Mollys 10). The Mollys’ skaters proved themselves to be a tough team full of potential entering the 2011 rookie scene. Members of Royal City Roller Girls were seen taking notes in the crowd in preparation for their leagues upcoming bout against the Chrome Mollys (May 14th Double Header – Royal Rumble).

The final bout of the day for the GTA Rollergirls was between Derby Debutantes and MTLRD’s Les Filles du Roi. The winner of the game would go on to play the Slaughter Daughters in the quarter final on Sunday afternoon, and the loser is eliminated. The Debutantes battled back from a slow start with some excellent wall building, and speedy jammers who stayed out of the penalty box. The Debutantes were just beginning to find their stride on the track, but in the end Les Filles held on to their early lead and won the game (Filles 62 – Debs 29).

For the rest of the tournament weekend GTAR’s skaters could be found trackside or in the stands cheering on our favorite team, RVRG’s Slaughter Daughters. The Slaughter Daughters went on to take home the Beast in a nail biter competition against the Gore Gore Rollergirls (88 – 85).

Catch both our teams in action at our home opener ‘Royal Rumble’ against two teams from Royal City Roller Girls (Guelph) on May 14th. Doors Open at 5pm.

Bout 1 at 6pm: Chrome Mollys vs. Royal City Freshies.

Bout 2 at 8pm: Derby Debutantes vs. Royal City Veterans.