Blast Attak – #91

Blast Attak – #91

What’s your derby name?

Blast Attak

Your number?


What position?

Blocker & Jammer

Is there a story behind your derby name?

It’s a very obscure reference to Masters of the Universe. The character is a cyborg robot dude who goes into battle and blows up to destroy the enemy but puts himself back together again to keep fighting.

Who’s your favourite athlete and why?

It’s super cheesy but my favourite athlete would have to be my Dad. He’s always been involved in sports and participated not only as a player but as a coach, a ref, a volunteer. He taught me about passion and dedication and teamwork and I try to bring those lessons to derby.

Why did you join roller derby?

I felt like it was a sport I could fall in love with, which has definitely happened. The inclusiveness and sense of community were also major factors.

Do you have a favourite or inspiring quote?

My Dad’s always told me that to get through life you have to have strength. Both mentally and physically, it’s a sentiment that I’ve held onto. There’s also the saying “pain is weakness leaving the body” that my friend told me, which gets me through laps.

Favourite sports movie?

I don’t really watch sports movies. The closest I guess would be Blue Crush? Or Bring It On?

Favourite food?