Sassy Psycho – #787

Sassy Psycho – #787

What’s your derby name?

Sassy Psycho

Your number?


What position?

Blocker & jammer

Is there a story behind your derby name?

By nature I’m quite quiet and introverted so I decided to invent a derby persona for myself. I’m not very good at puns, so I played around with words to describe this new state of being. Once I came up with Sassy Psycho I couldn’t get it out of my head – I love the way it sounds. I’m still trying to live up to it – some days I manage, some days I don’t!

Who’s your favourite athlete and why?

Everyone is my favourite athlete – it takes guts and determination to play roller derby and everyone who does is awesome!

Why did you join roller derby?

To learn some new physical skills and have an outlet for my competitiveness.