Power Putter – #47

Power Putter – #47

What’s your derby name?

Power Putter

Your number?


What position?


Is there a story behind your derby name?

Having only golfed once before I went to the company golf tournament, somehow I was on the President’s team. While on the green he said “tap it in” and ZOOM it went whizzing by the hole. Having done this 2 or 3 more times he started saying “okay Power Putter, it’s your turn” and that’s when I knew that was to be my derby name.

Who’s your favourite athlete and why?

I don’t have a single favourite athlete, I have many! Splat Benatar, Holly de Havilland, Happy Killmore, Cherry Bl’Awesome, Fanny Slamtastic, Velvet Thunder, I could go on and on. They really know and have what it takes for Derby and the fact that they and others are in this sport speaks volumes! The dedication, the ability to teach others and to constantly be learning/improving skills, the hits we take and give, the bruises and sore muscles, the laughter and the tears…yes they and everyone in Roller Derby are my favourite athletes!

Why did you join roller derby?

I had always enjoyed roller skating; I didn’t know that Roller Derby was still around until my cousin Clock Blocker out in London brought me to a practice…I have been hooked ever since!

Do you have a favourite or inspiring quote?

It’s not the fall, it’s how you get back up that counts!

Favourite sports movie?

Whip It

Favourite food?

Sushi accompanied by white wine!