Bucky Harms – #107

Bucky Harms – #107

What’s your derby name?

Bucky Harms

Your number?


What position?


Is there a story behind your derby name?

I’m a big Marvel nerd and I just really really REALLY like Bucky Barnes/the Winter Soldier. And I feel like a superhero on skates/when I play derby, so my name should follow suit!
My number is a Bucky reference because in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is in the 107th Infantry Regiment of the US Army.
Everything from my skates to my shirt has to do with Bucky/Winter Soldier. Like I said, NEEEEEERD.

Who’s your favourite athlete and why?

Oh god, so many! I’m mostly inspired by other derby people like Scald Eagle, Brawn Swanson, Demanda Riot, Lady Trample, Short Stop, Loren Mutch, all the other bad ass derby skatin’ people.
Also, do NSOs and Refs count as athletes? They are also my favourites cause derby can’t happen without them. I wish I was as good an NSO as Kirahavi of Kallio Rolling Rainbow!

Why did you join roller derby?

Simply put, I wanted to join because of the positive aggression. I love that we are aggressive to each other, but we cheer each other on for the great hits and skating!
I also love the community that derby has. Everyone I skate with has such a different life from my own, and I would probably never know these amazing people without derby. I actually started derby as an NSO in Finland with Tampere Roller Derby, and later did my Fresh Meat with them. Even though my Finnish is awful, we still connected through this wonderful sport!

Do you have a favourite or inspiring quote?

“Be your own superhero!” Because everyone is a superhero to someone and themselves! My entire league is full of superheroes! < 3

Favourite sports movie?

Goon. Silly hockey movies are the best!

Favourite food?

Besides opposing Jammers, probably sushi.