So much winning at GTAR’s 2 Fresh & 2 Furious tournament

This has been a good week for GTA Rollergirls.

On Saturday July 9th GTA Rollergirls hosted 2 Fresh 2 Furious, a one-day, 16 team rookie tournament on two rinks. It was a huge undertaking for our small league, but in the end it was a very successful day. My memory of the day is a bit of a blur. I was announcing for my first time, slicing watermelons and serving them to our hard working referees and volunteers, talking to all the awesome roller derby players who came to play in this tournament and also cheering on the home team, the Chrome Mollys.

Our Chrome Mollys played in three exciting games. They won their first game of the tournament against the Dollinquints, comprised of members of the Limestone CrusHers (Kingston) and the Capital City Derby Dolls (Ottawa). The score was 45-24.

Their second game of the day for the Mollys was a rematch with the South Simcoe Roller Rebels (who the Mollys won an exhibition game against two weeks ago in Seguin Township). This was the most exciting game of the first round, and for me, had the moment I will remember when I talk about this tournament in the future. SSRR came out strong and looked to be winning the game up until the last jam.  Riley Rage stepped up to jam for the Mollys in one of her few jammer appearances since the Beast of the East. The score was 14-34 in favour of SSRR and there was less than 2 minutes left on the time clock. Riley quickly took lead jammer and found herself in a power jam situation, as the SSRR jammer was sent to the box. With the dominating pack control of Prairie Fire, Better Slaughter, Rosemary’s Rabies and pivot Holly de Havilland, Riley Rage racked up 20 points – exactly enough to tie the score, 34-34. Pointing to the score board she fell to her knees in amazement as the rest of the Chrome Mollys piled on top of her…. but the game wasn’t over yet.

"Riley Rage ties the score" photo by Joe Mac

There are no ties in roller derby; someone has to win. After some discussion by the refs the two teams set up for one more jam. In a tie breaking jam there is no lead jammer. Jammers skate to make as many point scoring passes as they can. Beaver Mansbridge stepped up for the Mollys against dedicated SSRR jammer BEX-splosion. The Jammers made two equal passes but it was on the third pass that Beaver Mansbridge, with her speedy legs, got into the pack to score 2 extra points before the two minute whistle to end the jam. Mollys win, 44-42 giving them the automatic guarantee of a top 8 finish in the tournament, and a chance to rest until the quarter finals.

The Chrome Mollys’ quarter final bout was against the Baby Brawlers from Queen City Roller Girls (Buffalo). This was a true nail biter game, with the lead changing after virtually every jam (allowing for some fun in the bar). It was a battle of skating skill vs. strategy according to the Queen City skaters. If you had given the Mollys one more jam, perhaps they may have taken the lead again but in this tournament 20 minutes is all you get. Queen City Baby Brawlers win the bout, 43-37 and move on to play the DVAS.

For a full summary of the all the bout scores check out the 2 Fresh & 2 Furious – updated game schedule (with scores).

Every roller skating participant in this tournament took home some valuable experience and some great memories. Three awesome teams also got to take home trophies. The golden rooster went to The Gold Miners’ Daughters from Timmins, ON. They were considered the ‘dark horse‘. No one knew very much about this team leading up to the tournament and they came in to win the title of the Freshest and most Furious team of 2011. They seemed to get stronger as the tournament progressed. The final was their 6th game of the day and they beat the DVAS (who won all their previous bouts of the day) with a score of 67 – 24.

Gold Miners' Daughters win gold. Photo by Joe Mac

The Silver Angel trophy went to the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, Toronto Roller Derby’s farm team.

DVAS win silver. Photo by Sean Murphy

The third place bout was a contest of ‘Queens’ between Queen City Baby Brawlers and the Royal City Roller Girls’ team Queens of Pain (comprised of members from their two house teams, Killer Queens and Our Ladies of Pain). Queens of Pain win 38-14 and take the little monster trophy home to Guelph.

RCRG win Little Monster. Photo by Joe Mac

Thank you a hundred times to all our volunteers, referees and NSOs who worked hard all day long to make this event run smoothly. GTA Rollergirls appreciate your support, as do the 16 teams who were out there getting the experience of a lifetime. This event was for the skaters and for roller derby – the sport we all love so much – but we couldn’t do it without you!.

If you didn’t manage to grab a 2 Fresh 2 Furious program, download this 2F2F Program – Revised and print it out at home. It is supposed to be printed double sided, page 1 has page 2 on the back, page 3 with page 4 on the back etc… and folded in the middle for the full program effect. It contains the updated schedule with scores (this is the middle page of the program).

Check out this collection of photos from the tournament by Joe Mac

Relive the excitement with the excellent track side videos at Layer9.

Next GTA Rollergirls event will be CO-ED Catastrophe on Saturday July 23rd. Come show the boys of GTA Rollergirls some love as they play in their first bout. Tickets are 8$ advance and 10$ at the door.