Sheila Takya – #42

Sheila Takya – #42

Derby Name: Sheila Takya
Derby Number: 42
Age: 24
Home Town: Toronto
Occupation: Adventurer
Favourite Position: Blocking
Favourite Team: Gotham Girls Roller Derby

What’s the story behind your name?
I was initially dubbed “Wiener Queen” on one of my first derby road trips due to an unruly obsession with Dachshunds. I’m the Wiener Queen every day, but Sheila is the tough, sassy lady I wanted to be in derby.

When did you join derby and why?
I played hockey growing up and women’s hockey was never as fun or challenging, as I wanted it to be. A team mate suggested I give roller derby a shot in January 2013; I’ve been hooked ever since.

Why do you keep playing?
After a trilateral break on my left leg during a March 2013 practice resulting in surgery, I was encouraged by friends and family members to quit. I fought hard to get back onto skates and earn a place with the Debs.

What’s your derby goal or dream?
Roller derby becoming an Olympic sport would be pretty ideal. I’ve got all the derby dreams – ask me about them.