Round 2! Debs vs. Belles of the Brawl

After recovering my voice from our last bout, I can begin to process what happened. We fueled with all sorts of wonderful baked goods and we had shaken our booty and completed two warm up sessions. Debs were taped up and pumped up to take on the Belles of the Brawl. Our second bout was about to begin and we were going to take on an excellent team with a winning track record.

Our first half was well played and such a blur, I’m still not sure all of what happened but we were flying high and so glad that we had placed more points on the board than ever before. We played smart, kept our heads up and played like a team, our bond is growing even stronger, we are more focused and able to make those quick decisions required during the game.

The second half we lost focus and let The Belles get the better of us, with both teams racking up the penalties, the score changed dramatically and not in our favor. We still held those pink walls but they were knocked down and busted through. This did not break our spirit we knew we were better than that and worked harder. The last 5 minutes had the crowd standing on their feet and screaming their heads off “GO DEBS!”, we came back in the best kind of way. Olivia Nuke’Em Bomb gave her heart out on that track, squeezing her way through gaps and leading us to our almost victory. In our hearts we won that game, we have become a closer knit family and we can only hope that our rematch against the Belles in September has the same fight and sportsmanship.

Thank you ladies for being amazing. As Ginger has pointed out WE ARE SUPERHEROES!

The debs play their next game on May 26th in Subury against Nickel City Roller Derby.  You can also catch the G-sTARs on May 19th as they take on the Lake Effect Furies (Queen City Roller Girls).