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Player Spotlight: Cherry Bl’Awesome

What’s your derby name? Cherry Bl’awesone Your number? 67 What position? Blocker & jammer Is there a story behind your derby name? It actually sprouted from that silly Candy Crush game. I originally picked something else, had it printed on a jersey and everything, but it didn’t fit right. This pick is how I feel when I am skating, playing … Read More »

Player Spotlight: Blast Attak

What’s your derby name? Blast Attak Your number? 91 What position? Blocker & Jammer Is there a story behind your derby name? It’s a very obscure reference to Masters of the Universe. The character is a cyborg robot dude who goes into battle and blows up to destroy the enemy but puts himself back together again to keep fighting. Who’s … Read More »

Player Spotlight: Bucky Harms

What’s your derby name? Bucky Harms Your number? 107 What position? Blocker Is there a story behind your derby name? I’m a big Marvel nerd and I just really really REALLY like Bucky Barnes/the Winter Soldier. And I feel like a superhero on skates/when I play derby, so my name should follow suit! My number is a Bucky reference because … Read More »

Freshie Without a Clue

Time for some real talk: picking up a new sport in your thirties is hard. I mean, you walk in on the first day and you might as well be carrying a big neon sign saying, “I have lost touch with several factions of my social circle. Perhaps we can form new bonds of adult friendship over our shared interest … Read More »

Learning Derby isn’t easy, but it’s FUN!

“We were all there once – I promise it gets easier.” I’m sure these words ring in the ears of new roller derby freshies everywhere, as veterans of the sport try to reassure them that the challenges they are currently facing will someday be a distant memory. Basic skating skills like staying upright, achieving 27 laps in 5 minutes, and … Read More »