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Player Spotlight: Luchagore

What’s your derby name? Luchagore Your Number? 11 What Position? Blocker Who’s your favourite athlete and why? Serena Williams ’cause she’s badass and owns all the competition. Or David Wright. Why did you join roller derby? It seemed like a fun new challenge and the environment looked really cool – something I wanted to be a part of. Do you … Read More »

Player Spotlight: Sassy Psycho

What’s your derby name? Sassy Psycho Your number? 787 What position? Blocker & jammer Is there a story behind your derby name? By nature I’m quite quiet and introverted so I decided to invent a derby persona for myself. I’m not very good at puns, so I played around with words to describe this new state of being. Once I … Read More »

The Not-So-Natural

Cyclone Slam tells her story of overcoming remarkable obstacles to compete   The first time I showed up at the GTA Rollergirls fresh meat intake, everyone told me I was a natural. This was news to me. I came from Lewisville, Texas just outside of Dallas. I was born with my feet turned in and have scoliosis. I spent my first couple … Read More »

Player Spotlight: Power Putter

What’s your derby name? Power Putter Your number? 47 What position? Blocker Is there a story behind your derby name? Having only golfed once before I went to the company golf tournament, somehow I was on the President’s team. While on the green he said “tap it in” and ZOOM it went whizzing by the hole. Having done this 2 … Read More »

This Saturday: FREE GTA Rollergirls interleague game

Hey you! Yeah, you. I know you’ve been wanting to come see what this roller derby thing is all about. You’ve probably heard about it, or seen old games on TV. Maybe you wanted to come, but the games were too far away, or the you weren’t sure you wanted to pay that much. Well now’s your chance! The GTA … Read More »