Maykilla the Hun – #13

Maykilla the Hun – #13

Derby Name: Maykilla the Hun
Derby Number: 13
Age: Eeks. I’ll go by the age that I look- 26 yrs old
Home Town : B-town… it’s beside Cheltenham, Ontario (Look it up!)
Occupation: Inspecteur by day, nurse by night.
Favourite Position: blocker
Favourite Flavour: Grape

What’s the story behind your name?
It rhymes with Attila the Hun (and I’m kinda like him…AND no, not look LIKE him!)…and I don’t have to hear that Chuck Berry song every time when I tell you my real name.

When did you join derby and why?
I was asked to try it; it was new to me and rare in the GTA. The first league I joined in 2006 consisted of 1 blocker (me), 1 jammer and a coach. We disbanded. So I joined GTAR when they had 1 blocker (me), 1 jammer, a coach and OLGA…look at us now!

Why do you keep playing?
It’s now a part of me

What’s your most memorable derby moment?
When I had someone in Ottawa come up to me and said I was her favourite Deb and she was my fan. And when little girls first came up and ask for an autograph in Albany .

What’s your derby goal or dream?
Collect 500 derby team buttons…and that’ll remind me that I played them all.