Fresh Meat Info

GTAR is an inclusive league, there are no tryouts. We welcome skaters of all levels who have a positive attitude and want to play roller derby. Some skaters join the league with previous experience playing hockey, figure skating or skating at the local roller disco, but experience is not necessary!  Some of our best skaters tried on skates for their first time with GTAR.  We train with safety first in mind.

GTAR recruits freshies (that’s you!) during our off-season.  At the start of the off season (September) we hold a Fresh Meat Drop In night which anyone looking to become a player is welcome to attend (please look for these scheduled dates on our website).  At the Drop In night you’ll have an opportunity to try skating (and falling!) and learn a few basics in order to get a feel for whether derby is for you.  Drop in Nights cost $5 to participate and interested players can then enter into our training program.

The training program is approximately 6-7 weeks long.  Once you have gone through the program all players are required to pass a minimum skills test.  After passing the skills test you will then be drafted to a team.  Players who do not pass the skills test are encouraged to participate in the league as a volunteer, referee or non-skating official until the next recruitment period.

Email for drop in dates & times, or watch our facebook page or twitter feed.