In memory of Hack Kerowhack #1922…

Sadly this week we lost our derby friend and league mate Louisa, or as we knew her, Hack Kerowhack #1922. Louisa came to GTARollergirls last summer and started to volunteer as a Non-Skating Official. She was super friendly and really eager about all things derby. She was great at developing relationships within the derby community everywhere she went, including Jerry Seltzer (“The Commissioner” of Roller Derby) and other prominent players.

I remember Louisa as a giving person. One night at our afterparty she gave one of our fellow skaters, Lyoness, survival tips for her upcoming stay in Australia. Louisa also helped me prepare some press releases for our games and offered to help wherever she was needed. Louisa also volunteered her time to help other Ontario leagues and was always willing to lend a hand and learn more.

Louisa joined our fall Freshie intake and was very enthusiastic. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to continue with the fall modules but started up again in January even more determined. She not only came out to practice with us, but also trained and volunteered with LOCO and the Rollergettes to get extra skate time and to learn from other skaters. She fought hard for success as a Freshie derby skater and was even ready to conquer another set of modules if she needed to.

She started a facebook page to for freshies to share support and information amongst each other. Thanks to Jerry Seltzer and other volunteers, her legacy will continue to inspire Freshies. If you are new to derby, or a vet skater who can share advice please visit: Roller Derby Compendium for Freshies Worldwide

We at GTAR will miss her and her determination, and positive spirit. I am sure those of you who’s lives she touched feel the same.

We are currently raising money to help offset funeral costs. 100% of donations made (less paypal fees) will be given to Hack’s family. If the donations cover the costs the remainder of the funds will be directed to an asthma charity of the family’s choosing. If you would like to help, please use the paypal button below.