Hearing from Holly de Havilland!

So I’ve finally managed to break yet another girl from the last fresh meat intake to speak out about why she joined the GTA Rollergirls and the Flat-track Roller Derby Revolution! Here’s a piece from a new Molly and a pre-derby friend of mine, Holly de Havilland!

Holly trying to pass her minimum skills test. Photo

When I was a kid I was never very athletic, I never have, and probably never will understand Hockey, Baseball or Soccer. The only sport I ever tried was Figure skating, which in the end wasn’t a good fit with my personality.

I first found out about the GTA Rollergirls online, before I was old enough to join and the idea got stuck in my head.  A few years past, and big changes in my life left me looking for something new. I’ve always felt natural on skates, so I knew I wanted something either on ice or on wheels, suddenly, I remembered roller derby. All I had really seen of the sport was old VHS tapes that my grandfather had of “Saturday Night Roller Derby”. I knew it wasn’t the same as modern derby so I checked out a few clips online and was instantly hooked.

I was scared going to my first practice, I had no idea what to expect, and walking into an environment not knowing anyone is always stressful for me. Once I arrived though all my fears and anxiety disappeared. Everyone was so nice, helpful and really welcoming. It also turned out that I knew two girls on the team already, Gory Hart and eSkimo Jo.

The months that our little group of freshies spent training were difficult, and everyone struggled at one thing or another, some of us with cross-overs, and some like myself with falls and T-Stops but, thanks to THE KROW and a few friendly hits from eSkimo Jo we all survived the dreaded minimum skills test in one piece.

Holly GETS CHROMED! scrimmaging as a chrome Molly and checking out some hot Sasha Fierce bum!

The test itself consists of multiple skills that are necessary to safely and effectively play derby. Things such as giving and receiving checks, falling properly, jumping and most frightening of all 25 laps of the track in only 5 minutes.

Now that I’ve become a member of The Chrome Mollys I’m even more excited to attend practice every week. All of us are improving each day and are learning how our team works with each other. The often confusing WFTDA rules are making a lot more sense now that we’re actually using them. I can’t wait until The Beast of the East tournament in Montreal when my new skills will really be put to the test.

So thanks to Holly for writing a sweet piece and thanks to Joe Mac, Midnight Matinee for some awesome pics.