Are all great Molly fans Wrench Heads and Photographers?

It’s not often that the stands are so close to our bench. But yesterday in Simcoe, Ontario, the Mollys found themselves sitting in front of the rowdiest group of fans that we’ve ever had…. Of course because it was an away game, the group was mainly made up of some very dedicated and supportive Derby Debutantes. Canadian Psycho snapped this photo of Newfie Bullet and Lee Way Wreck’em as Wrench Heads!!! Although they are all smiles in this picture, I want you to picture them scream-cheering along with My-Call Bubble, Riley Rage and Gypsy Nose-Bleed. Now add in Gypsy’s little guy holding his ears to protect himself from all the loud screaming 3 feet from the back of our bench, haha.

The fans weren’t the only reason the game was awesome. The Belles of the Brawl of the Belle City Rollergirls brought it on the track and then they treated us to beers and pasta! (There may have also been a wicked pinata to give leftover beatings to after the game.) It was a real treat of a game to play. Did I mention that their location in the AUD also had a community skate park? Our little carpool took advantage of until it rained on us. Wretched Gretchen and her man taught me and Scars-a-lot Johansson (formerly Zooey Bash’em well) a thing of two on the ramps.

I want to send a special thank you to Brickhouse Bardot, Taranosaurus Rex, Maykilla the Hun, Getcha Kicks, lil goon and Scars-a-lot Johansson for loosing the pink for a night and donning blue so that we wouldn’t need to play short rostered! Also a huge thank you Coach Splat and Coach Hissy. I hope that we made you ladies proud. I’d also like to extend the thanks to My-call Bubble and Sloppy Boggins for their league coaching and all the Derby Debutantes who mentored us Mollys in practice and drills and then kicked our butts into bouting-shape during scrimmages. It’s been such stellar year for me personally and I am proud to have been a part of the 2011 Chrome Mollys season. Thanks to The Krow for her leadership as captain and thanks to all the girls that hit the track with me in their blue and silver.

Our fresh meat program is wrapping up on Wednesday and we’ll be welcoming our new meat to a private end of season celebration on Saturday. It has been such an awesome season. We have so much to celebrate like the 3rd place win of the G-sTARs in the CWRDA East Championship Tournament back in June, our first tournament style and biggest Fresh and Furious event ever and every bout before/between/after…. also we’ll have to pre-celebrate our World cup hopefuls. Lee Way Wreck’em as an alternate for team Canada, Canadian Psycho for the All-Ireland Roller Derby, and Sloppy Boggins as assistant coach to team Sweden!

Now with the wrap up, we’ll have to look forward to the off season scrimmages and the upcoming season. Make sure you get all the latest GTAR news by liking the Derby Debutantes, the Chrome Mollys, and the GTA Rollergirls on Facebook. We’ll be sure to post on facebook everytime we have a new post here, so you won’t miss anything (or get stuck with a condensed version)!

Also you can to look forward to finding out who in the league will jump on the blogging wagon, as I will be retiring my blogging hat for the GTA Rollergirls as next season begins to head out to an 8 month long trip to Australia. So although I’ll be periodically blogging  in the off season up until April, I want to take the opportunity now to thank all the people who read my posts this season and I want to thank Beaver Mansbridge and Dixie Wrecked for making this website earlier this year to give me a platform to reach all the GTAR fans out there.

Of course, we couldn’t post about the end of season without saying thank you to the Refs, NSO crew and growing number of volunteers that helped us throughout the season. And on behalf of the GTA Rollergirls I want to thank you, the FANS!!!, for all the support this season!!! We couldn’t do it without your support…. seriously, what else do you think makes us decide to go out and take hits like we do? Anyway, we can’t wait to see y’all next year, hopefully with a growing number of Wrench Heads in attendance!