First Real Scrimmage

Speaking as a Freshie, there are not many things as intimidating as your first real scrimmage. By ‘real’ I mean with players that are not in your league, a penalty box, a full roster of ref’s and NOS’s, complete with score clock on the wall. I just played in my first real scrimmage this past weekend and it was so much more than I thought it would be.

It was intimidating yes but also the most invigorating feeling I’ve ever experienced. When I first stepped skate on the track, I felt sick, dizzy and delirious. Plus I had to pee. As I looked around to see who the Jammers were, while chanting ‘Black shirt, black shirt” in my head, it sunk in and what a rush.

The first half was the most glorious 30 minutes of my life. (I was going to type ‘of my derby life’ but I really think ‘of my entire life’ is more accurate). I don’t know how I looked from the stands but I felt like a Derby Goddess! I felt like I was skating faster than I had ever skated before. I Jammed and got points and even got in a few good hits. I took a few as well and have the beautiful bruises to prove it.

The second half was a true education. I received three penalties for three silly things and was schooled as only a scrimmage can school you. I passed the star and got an elbow to the nose that caused a nose bleed, which was the highlight of the day. Never has blood run so sweetly! I’m so happy to say that my First Real Scrimmage was amazing and I will never forget it.

All you Freshies out there, when your time comes, don’t be scared. Don’t be intimidated. Just be derby and have fun.