Meet your blogger- eSkimo Jo

Hey GTAR fans!

Before I introduce myself, I hope you’ve checked out our shiny new span-dangled new website created by a team of very talented GTA Rollergirls. Isn’t it so fancy? And speaking of fancy, there will be a fancy DJ dance party fundraiser at the El Mocambo March 12! Save the date, so you can meet your roller girl dreams in person right before the season starts. And we’ll have the bar open right until 4 AM, so we can all party like a gta rollergirl.

Now that you have all that written in your calendars, we can get back to me.

I am eSkimo Jo, or mama mojo to my dear Chrome Mollys. I am currently the unofficial co-captain of the Chrome Mollys. I am a blocker and a pivot…. and sometimes in a scrimmage, at the end of a good night of practice, I’ll go out with that little star panty and play as a jammer.

It is really strange to think that I’ve only been skating for the last 8 months. Not because I’m now this fantastic young thing on 8 wheels (I’m not) or because I have a drawer full of fish nets, shorts, socks, belts and tees that I like to wear while skating either….  it’s because I can’t believe how much the derby mentality has changed how I live. I have new mantras, habits and a new found self respect.

So every week, I will share an article about derby, derby life and just about whatever derby related thing is at the top of my mind at the time.

Frozen Derby love,

eSkimo Jo