Don’t be blue about the Chrome Mollys


Hey Fans!

Are you feeling more blue than silver at the news that your Mollys aren’t around this season? Don’t worry because you can follow the always Chrome-hearted throughout this season by liking the Derby Debutantes and the G-sTARs!!!! And this is because I can proudly say that the Mollys are moving up. Leading and mentoring the new Derby Debutantes is Betty Slaughter, Riley Rage and Wretched Gretchen.  Along with Debs stay-patriots, Dixie Wrecked and Scars-a-lot Johansson, these girls will have to work double roles helping newer girls grow and reach their true derby potential while still improving their own skills.

Wondering what happened to our other Chrome-hearted girls? Beaver Mansbridge, Chevy Chase-her, Holly de Havilland, Jill Feral, Prairie fire, and Rosemary’s Rabies are all going to be wearing yellow on the GTAR travel team the G-sTARs. I expect them all to make me proud and live up to all the wonderful dreams I have for them.

Making sure we don’t break the rules, and skating on the inside, Chili Pester and Gory Hart will be joining the GTAR ref crew, the Zebrasaurs! Mucho respect for their great rule knowledge.

Lastly, getting schooled in Copenhagen (literally), Red hot Gilly Pepper has gone on an exchange for her university studies. The KROW has been offered an awesome promotion and will spend the season as part of the GTAR heroes, the team of volunteers that keeps our league running. Boo Boo Bear is slowly healing up from a surgery. As for me (eSkimo Jo), I’ll be heading off to my much anticipated 8 month trip to Australia just as the season begins.

So one last time until the 2012 recruitment…. GET CHROMED! And remember, once a wrench head, ALWAYS a wrench head.<3