Do you want to be infamous? – Try Roller Derby!

GTAR invites you to try skating with us on TUESDAY AUGUST 30, 2011 at TED REEVE Bubble. 8pm-11pm, just $5.

Hey y’alls on the interwebs,

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to write a little diddy, mostly due to the season being upon us and knowing that Getcha Kicks would be covering the awesome-ness of our bouts so that I could take it easy while I stretched myself thin between derby and rugby.

But here I am again, not to recap games but to invite you to be a part of the awesome-sauce revolution in 8 wheels. I am here to invite you to come out to our Fresh Meat intake!!!! (This is so exciting that I had to use those FOUR exclamation points, three just wasn’t cutting it.) Our fresh meat intake is open to any one who’s hoping to be a future zebra (that’s derby talk for referee) or skater!

There is limited gear available and it will be first come first served. And it will help if you email gtarollergirls(at) before then to tell us your coming and maybe your shoe size so we can try to make sure everyone can get into a pair.

Our fresh meat program will guide you through modules of different skating skills and rules that will help you get out on on the track asap. No previous skating skill is necessary, we will teach you everything from how to fall to how knock someone right off the track on that first turn.

We have people come out from all fitness and skill levels come out. Don’t be embarrassed if it takes a few times out on wheels to learn how to glide, the learning curve is different for everyone. Just remember it’s okay to come out and fall on your bum, (and we all do, I currently have a huge hip bruise in the process of healing to prove it), as long as you get back up and keep trying!!!!

Anyways the nitty gritty is that you’ll have to pay for derby insurance ($30) and then monthly dues (30$). The program lasts 6-7 weeks, and we will start practicing (after this first intake day) out near dundas west station on Wednesday and Saturday nights (usually 8:30-10:30) Which basically is where we practice until the ice melts at the arena. During those weeks you’ll go through training on one night and practicing the skills you’re learning on the next night (this doesn’t mean that we leave you to sink or swim, we will always have girls around to give you advice).

What happens after that? Well after that session we will have a skills test day. All players who want to participate in scrimmage or bouts must pass minimum skills as outlined by WFTDA. If per chance you do not pass, we often will wait a few weeks and then allow you to take the test again. And we’ll continue to help get you ready and train until you can pass the test and join us on the track.

As a full league member, your year long CWRDA (derby) insurance will cost $45 yearly, then monthly dues are $50. You will also be expected to help with the events during the summer. This includes the games and the fund raisers.

So hopefully I haven’t scared you away. I hope to see some new faces out there, because I lover fresh meat. It’s the best to eat RAW. When you come in for some skating, you’ll have to ask around for eSkimo Jo.

Check out this event on facebook! And be sure to like the Derby Debutantes, the Chrome Mollys (my team), and the GTA Rollergirls on Facebook!