Cyclone on Concussions

First of all let me start out by saying thank you to my coaches, teammates, refs, and medics. As well as the opposing team, Border City Brawlers, for their kindness and concern.

Our league has a policy that we take very seriously and that is if you hit your head you are done for the duration of the practice or game and are monitored afterwards. Which I am very grateful for because I really could have hurt myself even worse.

On Saturday night I was jamming for the G-sTARs and ended up falling and hitting my head. Concussions can be scary because sometimes you don’t quite know what you are dealing with right away and they can creep up on you later. You must take them very seriously. That evening I remember receiving a hit from a blocker and right away all I saw were the lights in the arena on the ceiling and heard a loud tap on the concrete from my helmet. I lay there for a moment and for some odd reason I wanted to get up right away. That is the wrong thing to do! I know better but in that moment that was my reaction. All I could think of is I need to get off the track so the bout can continue. Good thing I didn’t get up right away because I was dizzy. Thank goodness Splat Benatar, one of our coaches, ran over to me immediately followed by refs and the medics to help me up slowly and walked me over to a chair where the medic asked me questions and kept an eye on me. They were very calm and everyone was so very helpful.

I have had concussions before in the past and each one has been very different. This time I didn’t feel the impact but I heard it. The day after I am feeling much but was left with minor whiplash.

I would definitely recommend other leagues to follow this Concussion policy. It is very helpful and could save your life.