Caught’em Candy

Caught’em Candy

Official Name: Caught’em Candy
Age: 28
Home Town: Scarborough Ontario
Occupation: Administrative Officer
Favourite Position: On all fours (wheels!)
Favourite Team: The G-sTARs

What’s the story behind your name?
Ask me in person! The story is not quite rated PG, much like my personality.

When did you join derby and why?
I joined GTAR in fall 2014 but I’ve been a fan and volunteer since 2012. I love the sense of confidence, femininity, and camaraderie that these players exude. You can also say that I come from a derby family!

Why do you keep officiating?
Because it’s fun! It’s a fast paced sport full of eager, passionate ladies and officiating is not for the weak of heart. I’m the type of person that likes to contribute, and GTAR needed officials; I’m here to deliver.

What’s your most memorable derby moment?
At the moment, breaking my leg at practice and waiting 2 hrs for the medics to arrive because a meth lab caught fire in the east end, but I’m sure there will be bigger and better memories to come!

What’s your derby goal or dream?
TO CATCH’EM ALL!! I want to get to a point where no one gets away with penalties and every game is fair. I would also like to avoid other people getting injured as much as possible.