Avril Obscene

Avril Obscene

Official Name: Avril Obscene
Official Number: SK8R
Age: Legal Everywhere
Home Town: Tillsonburg, ON
Occupation: Social Work Student
Favourite Position: IPR
Favourite Team: Travis Fanset from Tillsonburg, Vice for Team Epping on the World Curling Tour

What’s the story behind your name?
I’m always listening to Avril Lavigne to get pumped up before a game. Favourite track is ‘Sk8r Boi’

When did you join derby and why?
Started Fresh Meat training in Fall 2013 as a player. Fell in love with the zebra culture and converted.

Why do you keep officating?
I love Team Zebra. It’s great getting to engage with players and fellow officials on and off the track.

What’s your most memorable derby moment?
At my very first game, I dropped my whistle in the toilet at half. I had to borrow one from Sparkills. Now I never go to the track without disinfectant.

What’s your derby goal or dream?
To eventually become WFTDA certified