An Affair to Remember – Chrome Mollys win Black Eye Affair

On a misty Saturday night GTA Rollergirls’ team, the Chrome Mollys played in their second full bout of the season against the Belle City Roller Girls from Brantford, Ontario. For the Belles of the Brawl, this was their nerve-wracking inaugural public bout but they looked fierce as they stepped out on the track in their fresh green jerseys.

The bout got off to a quiet start and the Mollys took advantage of their less experienced opponents by quickly jumping into the lead. With the support of an undulating wall of cobalt blue, Boo Boo Bear, Rosemary’s Rabies and the Krow were all able to roll up about 40 points each throughout the game. Smashing Booty sneakily ‘nickled and dimed’ her way through the bout to be the top scoring jammer for the Belles, with 23 points.

Strong and defensive packs lead by Wretched Gretchen, Jill Feral and eSkimo Jo allowed the Chrome Mollys to dominate, only really allowing the Belles to score when the Mollys were experiencing penalty trouble. The Belles certainly had some heavy hitters in this game, lead by former Chrome Mollys smash champ, Justine Sane. In one memorable jam start the Belles’ player Lass Compacter (with the help of a teammate) calmly took out three consecutive Mollys caught looking the other way for their jammer. Unfortunately the Belles were often caught with penalty trouble, giving the Chrome Mollys the player advantage on the track.

The game ended in a ten minute cacophony of whistles, as the referees wrangled the increasingly scrappy competition between these two rookie teams. Needless to say, the refreshments, comparing of bruises and dancing later at the Flying Beaver Pubaret was a much needed reward.

Final score: Chrome Mollys, 172 – Belles of the Brawl, 44
For pictures of the bout check out Sean Murphy’s blog

See these two teams compete again in the upcoming “2 Fresh and 2 Furious” 16 team tournament on July 9th, at the Ted Reeve Arena and Bubble.

Next GTA Rollergirls’ home game will be “Rideau Redux” >the Derby Debutantes take on the Riot Squad from Rideau Valley Roller Girls