Costs & Accountability

We are a registered not-for-profit league. Expenses are equally distributed between our members to cover basic operating costs. League members pay low monthly fees and there are no hidden costs. We also provide full disclosure to all members such as providing receipts and a breakdown of all league expenditures.

Each skater is expected to supply their own safety gear (including helmets, mouthguard, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads) and roller skates.

Currently our drafted players pay a monthly fee of $50 (subject to change based on league enrollment and league expenditures).   While in the Freshie training program skaters pay a $30 monthly fee until they pass a minimum skills test and can be drafted into the league as a full member.

Each skater is also required to pay an annual roller derby insurance fee of $50 (current  rate) through CRDi to cover venue liability and individual insurance.  This is required to train as a freshie, practice with the league, and play in bouts across Canada and the USA.

The GTAR Code of Conduct is available here. All rostered skaters will gtar are required to read, sign, and abide by the policies outlined in the COC.

We do travel for away games and boot camps etc, and where possible GTAR does fundraise to help supplement some of these additional costs.