About GTAR

The GTA Rollergirls are Toronto’s first not-for-profit flat track roller derby league, formed in the Spring of 2007 by Cynthia Brooks, aka Splat Benatar #27.

Adhering to a not-for-profit business model, GTA Rollergirls is a skater supported league.  We pay monthly dues to cover all league costs, and the financials are open to all members of the league.  Each and every skater in GTAR contributes their talents to make roller derby happen from the ground up.

Our skaters lead very busy lives. We are students, teachers, mothers, public health nurses, scientists, office workers and business owners. Despite the different daily lives we live, we are all united on the track by our love of roller derby.

In 2009, the Derby Debutantes had their breakout season, competing in 11 events against teams from across Canada and the United States. With the widespread interest in this fantastic sport, 2010 was a year of growth for the league, and GTAR introduced a second team of sassy fresh derby players, the Chrome Mollys. In 2011 GTAR was accepted into the WFTDA apprentice program and a new travel team, the G-sTARs, was created to represent GTAR on the WFTDA stage.

In 2012 the GTA Rollergirls made some big changes to foster their competitive edge. 2 teams represented the league, the all-star G-sTARs and the home team Derby Debutantes, with the G-sTARs focused on stiffer competition and playing games against WFTDA apprentice and full WFTDA teams.

In 2013 and beyond the GTA Rollergirls will continue with this model.  We hope to one day have enough players to create a second home team and usher the Chrome Mollys back onto the track.

GTAR is an inclusive league, and there are no tryouts.  We welcome skaters of all levels who have a positive attitude and want to play roller derby. We will train you from the ground up, with safety first in mind. Some of our best skaters tried on skates for their first time ever with GTAR.  We adhere to WFTDA derby rules and regulations.

We skate for the love of the sport and we want you to share our love.

We are based in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario, Canada.