A Derby Debutante makes her Debut

In September of 2011, GTA Rollergirls opened their doors to a fresh crop of aspiring roller derby players. Not all women survived the rigorous months of training, but the ones who did have been working hard to prepare for their first season. Lyoness, #896, was a member of this recent graduating class of freshies. You never forget the anticipation of your first game, as you never forget the experience of surviving it. Here are her thoughts on the night before DAME-O-LITION DERBY.

Tomorrow is it, tomorrow is the day my skills get tested and we find out how much I actually have learned these past several months. Tomorrow I play in my first bout and let me tell you the nerves have been on high alert since Wednesday. My stomach flip flops every time I think about Saturday, and I’m thinking about it every minute. My brain and my body are ready, my stomach is not. As long as I don’t puke on the track, I will consider myself successful.

I’m beyond excited, all of the late nights and sweaty practices are culminating tomorrow, all of the knowledge in my head about this game is rushing through, synapses are firing on over drive and all I can do is think derby. Let’s hope I can get enough sleep tonight, I akin this to being a kid on Christmas, I just can’t wait for it to be Saturday already.

It’s worth the drive to Alliston for DAME-O-LITION DERBY: GTA Rollergirls’ Derby Debutantes take on the Renegade Derby Dames’ Misfit Militia. Tickets are 10$ advance and 15$ at the door.

For more from Lyoness, follow her tumblog; cupcakecourtney.tumblr.com